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With Scissormen and the Psychedelic Circus, Ted Drozdowski and his bandmates bridge the sounds of traditional and present-day Great American Music, with an ear cocked toward the future.

Band at Bluebird 3-fun! .jpg

Left to right: Sean (bass), Ted, Kyra (drums)

NASHVILLE, TN — The most recent album by Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen, 2015’s Love & Life, was yet another leap forward for the band. It received a warm reception from press and radio, including a multi-page story on Ted in the December 2015 issue of Guitar Player magazine and extensive airplay on Sirius/XM and around the world. It also led to hundreds of live performances.

Like the albums before it—the full-length documentary DVD and concert CD set BIG SHOES: Walking and Talking the Blues (which includes the entire Robert Mugge feature film of the same name starring Ted) and the ghostly, hypnotic sonic experience Luck in a Hurry—the cinematic Love & Life was a major evolutionary step for Ted and the band, blending the sound of Great America Roots Music’s past, present and future, and enlisting the talent of such respected guests as the late soul powerhouse Mighty Sam McClain and the Grammy-nominated organist Paul Brown.

So what’s next? Yet another drive toward new sounds and new song concepts with an album in progress and a radical new approach onstage and in the studio that’s so daring it requires a new name: the Psychedelic Circus. While any high-energy performance featuring Ted and his bandmates—longtime collaborator Sean Zywick on bass and textural sounds, and the dynamic, creative drummer Kyra Curenton—will take the deepest roots of America’s musical tradition and cast them in fresh ways, the Psychedelic Circus shows are really a workshop for exciting, unpredictable music in this vein. They focus even more on improvisation and creating sounds not commonly heard in historic genres like Delta and hill country blues, old-school country, mountain songs, and the art of the songster. Let’s be blunt: This is a band with a unique sound and vision. It’s not for the faint-hearted, shortsighted, or genre-bound—and Ted and his musical friends wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Ted’s Scissormen and Psychedelic Circus—both bands alive and well. And for a new album due late in 2018 that promises to be yet another step in pursuing an increasingly unique and original vision for Great American Music.