Got a suitcase full of vacuum cleaners
Should be full of dreams
I’ve spent my whole life hauling town to town
In a rusted Buick Skylark
Leaking stuffing from its seats
That motor’s humming keeps me on the ground

But sometimes in the quiet
When I’m lying in my bed 
In a motel room in some Midwestern state
I get a feel in my heart
I should be searching for my dreams
But that feeling fades because it is too late

And I wonder why I never tried
For all the things I wanted
Or gave of all the love I had to give
And I wonder about the ways
My life would have been different 
If I had chosen simply just to live

But for an old man in a motel out on US 27
This feeling don’t bring comfort to a soul
So I click off the remote control
And slide under the blankets
’Cause tomorrow they’ll be dreaming on the road
Yes, tomorrow they’ll be dreaming on the road
There’s always time for dreaming on the road